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Professional Services

The service economy is the most important economic sector in the USA. Sound financial practices are the key to growing a successful professional services firm.

As a professional services firm itself, Shepard Schwartz & Harris clearly understands the needs of fellow professional service providers. We understand that talented professionals have limited time to run their business and need more time to work with their clients.  We have extensive experience advising a wide variety of professionals and in-depth knowledge and experience in addressing their corporate, partnership and related accounting and income tax matters.

Our clients, which include world-renowned management consulting firms, medical practices, law firms, architecture and engineering firms, insurance, brokerage and public relations firms, are best in class and we meet them at that level in providing top-notch business and financial solutions to enable them to continue providing excellent service to their clients.

Our services to these clients include:

  • Federal and international tax compliance
  • Multi-state tax expertise
  • Accounting system design and management report customization
  • Fraud prevention and detection, both internally and from external service providers
  • Retirement program consultation to maximize stakeholder contributions  
  • Preparation for IPO
  • IT consulting services to improve efficiency
  • Partnership agreement services including buy/sells, valuations, etc.
  • Merger & acquisition support

Services Tailored to specific professions

Management consulting firms

Medical practices and healthcare professionals

Law firms and specialty legal practices