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Manufacturing & Distribution

Shepard Schwartz & Harris excels at working with privately held manufacturing and distribution companies. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of closely held companies, including those that are family-owned or have family-related investment interests. We enjoy getting into the heart of our clients' businesses and look forward to solving complex financial and tax-related problems, including providing solutions related to business succession planning and legacy building.

Shepard Schwartz & Harris goes the extra step to add clarity so that decisions are made with confidence. Increasing production or acquiring a complementary business in a challenging environment requires thoughtful analysis. In these times of information overload, clients look to SS&H to sort through the superfluous and focus on the germane data required for these critical decisions.

Our clients are well-represented in the wholesale and retail distribution channels, including:

  • Luxury furniture & lighting accessory manufacturing
  • Scrap metal recycling & management
  • Tool & die manufacturing
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Retail grocery chain distribution
  • Fabric distribution
  • Hydraulic pump manufacturing
  • Direct mail facilities